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OOOh, Annie, they (Cuddly Bears) stitch out magnificantly! Pleeease give us more of the same type of digitizing.

In admiration and anticipation,


Testimony from Embroidery Delight Website

Hi I just won't to thank you for the striped cats designs I have been stitching a couple out and just love them [so do the friends that see them as well] .

We have a football team in Geelong that are call the Geelong Cats their colours are navy and white stripes that go around the body, as soon as I saw the striped cats I saw my footy team , so have been stitching out samples them will decide how I will do a wall hanger .

Our quilt shop had the striped fabric to go with it as well.

I know all my fellow Cats fan will say can I have one , they have already tried to pinch my samples.

So thank you for having the stripes go around.